Tech-Chic Tuesdays

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Tech-Chic Radio

Tech-Chic Tuesdays is our new program which airs live every third Tuesday of the month. Technologist and host, Cynthia Nevels, reviews some of the hottest tech gadgets and apps on the market to determine if their cool enough for techie chicks. We’re making IT plain and simple for our tech challenged ladies across the globe. We’ll post our lip gloss ratings following each show.

Lip gloss rating scale:

  • 1 Lip gloss – Dud
  • 2 Lip glosses – Will Work in a Pinch
  • 3 Lip glosses – Satisfies What a Girl Needs
  • 4 Lip glosses – Is What a Tech Girl Wants


Tune in April 15, 2014 for live show where Cynthia reviews Zoho CRM



Tune in May 20, 2014 for live show where Cynthia reviews Intuit’s QuickBooks Online.



Additional Tech-Chic Tuesdays series reviews can be found on iTunes.

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