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Cynthia NevelsBefore the age of 30, Cynthia Nevels has had an extraordinarily varied and successful career in CRM technology with Siebel Systems now Oracle, enterprise technology consulting with Keane out of Boston, MA; and dotcom consulting startups with Proxicom in San Francisco. Cynthia is the author of Financial Bailout: A Guide to Creating Your Own Financial Rescue Plan and Navigating Your Way to Financial Security During a Recession. She’s an entrepreneurship, accounting and technology adjunct professor who has traveled the world presenting innovative ideas on the uses of technology and best practices in business at INSEAD University in Singapore, Paris and in London. Cynthia is an award-winning educator and successful business management consultant with a firm serving public and private firms across the United States. As the Senior Editor of Disruptive View and host of Disrupt Radio, Cynthia and her team of talented writers, producers and bloggers work hard to deliver the latest disruptive business, technology and investment news with real answers to questions our fans come to expect from our programming. As a small business owner, Cynthia understands what other entrepreneurs need and she gives it to you straight – no chaser.

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disrupt-radio-logoDisrupt Radio is a national talk radio show hosted by award-winning business consultant and journalist Cynthia Nevels. Disrupt Radio delivers real news and real help to savvy listeners across the globe. Disrupt News is an online news sources covering business and technology innovation disrupting current markets. We are proud to say we have over 38,000+ total listeners who tune in to hear celebrities, innovators,business leaders, philanthropists, and provocative thinkers share their secrets to success.  The live show airs on BlogTalkRadio.com each Tuesday from 11:30am – 12:00pm CT. Our listeners are adult ages 24 and up. Episodes are recorded live and archived for new listeners to enjoy 24-hours a day and all year round on-demand. Disrupt Radio is now available on iTunes to take with you on your iPhone, iPad, Android or any smart device. Download our new mobile app and never miss another show.

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