Apple’s M7 chip is the Trojan Horse for its wearable computing plans


Could the iPhone 5S’s new M7 chip be something of a trojan horse, leading the way for Apple’s wearable-tech debut?

As expected, Apple’s Town Hall September 10th event went by without even a hint of a could-be iWatch, or any sort of wearable tech product. However, during the presentation Phil Schiller did tout an intriguing new iPhone 5S feature — the introduction of an all-new co-processor, dubbed the M7.

The new iPhone 5S co-processor is dedicated to continuously measuring motion, be that via the accelerometer, compass and/or gyroscope. As Alex Colon explains, the M7 chip functions independently of the iPhone’s primary A7 processor, working on sensing when you’re walking, running or driving. Such a chip has plenty of applications, primarily for feeding data into health and fitness apps, but also for saving battery life when travelling, say by car, by stopping your iPhone’s constant hunt for in-range Wi-Fi networks.


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